The diverse hiking opportunities in Bryce Canyon Country exceed most destinations in America. From low desert terrain and slot canyons to national parks and high mountain forests, this region has so much to offer. Many visitors will stay for a week and enjoy day hikes in all directions and varied elevations.
Hiking Tips
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. Send a text or leave a voicemail with family or friends. Where possible, leave a copy of your map and itinerary at your place of lodging.
  • Study maps and read about the places you intend to explore. Consider your own personal abilities along with the type of terrain, trail length, expected weather, altitude, and the amount of gear, food, and water you will need to carry. For trails that are off the beaten path, it is always good to bring a compass and a topographical map.
  • Carry layers of clothing, first aid supplies, food, and water. Water sources are unreliable. Bring a water filter along with at least one liter of water per person for shorter hikes and more water for longer treks.
  • Winter comes early and stays late in much of the region’s higher elevations. Backcountry roads and trails may not be well maintained during harsh weather conditions. Check for road closures and flash flood warnings.

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