A Hiking Guide for Garfield County

Garfield County is full of beautiful hikes and incredible, scenic views. The best part about this area is that there is something for everyone: no matter what your experience level is, there is a hike in Garfield County perfectly suited for you. Below is a list of five ways to get the most out of your next hiking adventure.

1. Wear comfortable clothes

You don’t want uncomfortable shoes or heavy clothes on a sunny day to keep you from enjoying a beautiful hike. Wear something comfortable and versatile for your trek. Check the weather beforehand, and dress accordingly to ensure maximum comfort and safety during your hike. If possible, pack layers to accommodate changes in temperature.

2. Pack good snacks

Keep yourself healthy and hydrated to get the most out of your hiking experience. First things first: bring plenty of water. Plan ahead to know how long you will be gone, how many people are in your group and how much water each of you will need.

Pack a good source of protein, whether it’s a bag of nuts, beef jerky, energy bars or anything else that will help you refuel. Dried fruit is another great source of energy for your adventure, and much easier to pack than fresh fruit.

When you’re ready for a full meal, you can visit our restaurant guide for great places to eat in every area of the county.

3. Charge your camera

Garfield County is known for absolutely stunning vistas; you’ll want to document the moment and save those memories. Don’t forget to charge your camera before heading out for your hike.

No matter where you are headed, you are bound to run into beautiful views. For tips on especially picturesque locations, visit our photography page or check out this list of Top 10 Scenic Attractions for more ideas and inspiration.

4. Plan ahead

It’s important to know about the place you are about to explore before heading out on your adventure. Be sure to study a map ahead of time, and plan for how much time you anticipate hiking. Consider your own abilities and read about the difficulty of the terrain on the hike you’re interested in.

Garfield County has hiking for all experience levels. Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument are prime spots for both leisurely hiking and backcountry trails. Area guides can also help the planning process and ensure you make the most of your experience. For more information, visit our page on area hiking guides.

5. Bring a friend

Be sure to bring a buddy and explore the area together. Not only is it more fun to share your experiences, it’s also a much safer way to enjoy a hike. There are plenty of popular trails that you and your friend will appreciate.

If you’re looking for somewhere for the two of you to stay and eat while you’re in the area, visit our page on lodging and restaurants for ideal accommodations. Find the perfect spot to stay whether you want to be at the gateway to adventure or experience the charm of staying in a historic, small town.

*Bad weather can create dangerous conditions and cause trail closures. Check in at local visitor centers about trail conditions before heading out.

Enjoy your hike!

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