Ice Fishing

Some of the best fishing in Bryce Canyon Country is done in the winter. Lakes freeze over and ice fishing becomes a relaxing winter pastime.

Panguitch Lake is very well-known in Utah as one of the best locations for ice fishing. This area is best accessed from the town of Panguitch during the winter months. Three local lodges stay open year-round at Panguitch Lake to accommodate winter visitors.

The Panguitch Lake Big Fish Derby brings ice fishing enthusiasts together to compete for great prizes and a fun time out on the lake. Learn more about this year’s upcoming Derby.

Wide Hollow Reservoir, Piute Reservoir, and Otter Creek Reservoir are other excellent winter fisheries that are accessible by 2-wheel drive vehicles. Lake Powell, although not frozen over in the winter, is noted for its winter fishing.

The Boulder Mountain area has more than 60 fishable lakes that are well-stocked with trout for winter ice fishing. Most of the roads that lead to Boulder Mountain’s high-elevation lakes are closed from November through April but may be accessible by snowmobile.

Weather plays a major factor in the thickness of the ice and accessibility. Please check road and weather conditions and the thickness of the ice before ice fishing!

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