How quilts helped save the lives of Utah pioneers.

Panguitch, Utah was established in 1863 under the name of Fairview. Panguitch sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet, and this elevation allows for a shorter than normal growing season.   In 1864 significant snow storms came too early and the wheat crops were unable to mature, and therefore difficult to grind into flour.

Quilt Walk A reenactment of the historic Quilt Walk of 1864

The pioneer settlers boiled the wheat but it was not palatable. Without  flour, the pioneers faced starvation.   This video is the reenactment of the story of how the men of Fairview were forced to use their quilts to walk across a snow covered mountain to Parowan where they could obtain flour for their families.  This is known as The Quilt Walk of 1864, and is now celebrated annually in Panguitch. Read more about this event here - as published in Elan Woman Magazine - May 2012

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