Bryce Canyon National Park Mountain Biking Tours & Rentals | Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Bike Rentals

Address: 1945 W. Utah State Highway 12, Bryce, UT 84764

Phone: 435-834-5555


Email: [email protected]

Bryce Bike Rentals allows you to experience the Red Canyon Multi-Use Bike paved bike trail or experience one of the other iconic trails in the area. Half day and Full Day rentals are available.

Burr Trail Outpost

Mountain Bike and round the Town Cruiser daily rentals available in Boulder in the fall months- August, September and October.

Ruby’s Inn – Cycling

Address: Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon

Phone: 866-866-6616, 435-834-5341


Email: [email protected]

See the Bryce Canyon area on the seat of a mountain bike. Specialized hardtail and specialized full suspension back can be rented hourly or by the day. Mountain Bike Shuttle service is also offered to get bikes to the local trailheads.

Bryce Canyon Bicycle Adventures

Phone: 435-690-9181

Email: [email protected]

Rent a bike or take a bike tour with one of our local guides. Hourly rentals, all day rentals and 45-minute to 2-hour excursions available.