The Quilt Walk of 1864!

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How quilts helped save the lives of Utah pioneers.

Panguitch, Utah was established in 1863 under the name of Fairview. Panguitch sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet, and this elevation allows for a shorter than normal growing season.   In 1864 significant snow storms came too early and the wheat crops were unable to mature, and therefore difficult to grind into flour.

A reenactment of the historic Quilt Walk of 1864

The pioneer settlers boiled the wheat

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Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival

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The Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival commemorates the valiant efforts of seven Mormon pioneers who braved the 40-mile trek from Panguitch to Parowan in search of food and supplies during a devastating winter in 1864. As they struggled through the waist-deep snow, they abandoned their wagon and oxen, but never their hope. They saw a way to forge ahead as they knelt on quilts in a prayer circle, and realized they didn’t sink. By laying a path of quilts over

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Rich Pioneer Heritage Makes for a Great Festival!!!

A statue depicting the Quilt Walk.

Panguitch is gearing up for its annual Quilt Walk Festival. The festival celebrates the rich pioneer heritage found in this area. The Quilt Walk Story revolves around the initial attempt to settle Panguitch in 1864. As the story goes a group of seven men with a wagon pulled by two oxen set out to get food from Parowan, 40 miles away. In their weakened state, the men struggled with

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