Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee


We are just about a twenty minute drive from the popular tourist destination of Bryce Canyon. That situates us at a great spot for attracting a lot of the caffeine craving travelers who want to see the best of Utah and at the same time have a wonderful cup of coffee along the way. We know just how important that morning coffee can be to a lot of people.

The coffee and pastries that we have are made fresh everyday. We like to make them in such a way that our customers will go back home to wherever they are from and tell people in their local area about the wonderful coffee and pastries that they had when they came to visit with us.

It is just a little something that brings some joy to our faces to know that the word is getting spread around that much. We have heard back from customers from far-flung places tell us that they have done exactly this.

You can search far and wide and still not come across a coffee place that quite matches all that we bring to the table. We say this not to brag but to put a fine point on the fact that we do in fact try our very best every day to bring our “A game”. Come check us out and see if we are doing it right.

OPEN Daily 6am – 6pm

Price Range
$0.00 to $100.00
Contact Information
575 East Center Street , Panguitch, UT, 84759
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