Discover the Elements that Reshape the Red-Rock Formations Every Year

Did You Know?

Did you know that Bryce Canyon is actually not a canyon at all? Despite the name, Bryce Canyon National Park is an accumulation of towering hoodoo rock formations that create natural amphitheaters. The heart of Bryce Canyon contains the largest population of hoodoos in the world with up-close views of the red rock spires.

mother-nature-1 mother-nature-2

Hoodoos are formed when wind, frost and running water create gaps within small cracks and slits of large plateaus.

Before the hoodoos become tall spires, they create narrow passageways called slot canyons that have become a favorite attraction for hikers and adventurers.


Hoodoos in the Making

The slot canyons of Wills Creek, Spooky Gulch, Peek-a-boo and Wall Street provide direct access to this working wonder of Mother Nature. Visitors will see the creation of hoodoos in a variety of different stages on this trail.


Hikers are kept cool in the shade provided by the towering walls, while bright beams of sunlight from the narrow openings above make the red walls of the canyon glow.