5 Travel Tips for Ticaboo, Utah, by North Lake Powell

Before A.D. 1300, the Fremont people hunted and gathered for their meager living in the middle of the mars-looking desert. The red landscape, scattered with patches of green brush, doesn’t seem like an inhabitable place, but remnants of the Fremont people give light to their culture.

In the 1880s, Ticaboo was established by Cass Hite, naming it after a Paiute word meaning “friendly.”

Located 90 miles from the county seat of Panguitch, Ticaboo is a hidden gem in Bryce Canyon Country with rich history, Ticaboo is an unknown hub of adventure.

Ticaboo was built with the purpose of sustaining a large community that would be involved with mining uranium in the 1970s. As popular demand decreased for uranium, the town’s purpose soon became less relevant. However, uranium resurged in 1993, making Ticaboo one of four plants left in the United States.

History aside, the beautiful red rock landscape and nearby Lake Powell, have given Ticaboo notice as an outdoor recreation location. In Ticaboo, peak season to travel is definitely summer, but you can travel to there year-round.

When planning, consider these five travel tips on packing, weather, adventures and more.

Travel Tip 1: Ticaboo Timeframe and Travel Time

When traveling to Ticaboo, there are a few ways to get there.

When making the small trek to this town, take either Utah Highway 276 or the scenic route via the Burr Trail Scenic Byway. No matter which way you go, take time to look up directions. Be aware of the timeframe it takes to get there so you’re ready when adventure calls.

The Burr Trail is the ideal drive for adventure seekers with a high-clearance vehicle. As you twist and turn through nature, there are multiple stops along the way with slot canyons tucked away holding hours of escape and excitement.

Travel Tip 2: Ticaboo Travel Tips on Packing

If you’re taking a road trip to Ticaboo in the peak season of summer, plan for warm weather. The average temperature for the month of June is 92 degrees Farenheight and stays in the nineties until September — there is little rain in this area.

Plan your adventures ahead of time so you know what to pack and prepare, whether that’s boating, fishing, water sports, off-roading or hiking.

Travel Tip 3: Ticaboo Adventures

This small town has big adventures for all visitors! You can swim in Lake Powell or in a pool, go hiking or rappel down the canyons, you can race through the wilderness on the back of an off-roader and experience water sports the whole group will enjoy.

North Lake Powell Adventure Center can provide you with all the equipment you may need and offers guided tours if you are daring to try something new and want to dip your toes in before heading out on your own.

Boat rentals are available at the Bullfrog Marina, as well as Offshore Marina, to get you out on the lake with the sunrise to have a splashing day.

The Hite Outpost and Adventure Center, north of Ticaboo, can provide assistance for your vacation dream to come true. With two concrete ramps and two dirt ramps, they are available to get you settled on the water. They also provide guided tours and services, as well as recreation and RV rentals. Their local campsite is a fun basecamp for lodging in the area.

Travel Tip 4: Ticaboo Lodging

If you aren’t interested in camping, the Ticaboo Lodge, RV Park and nearby vacation homes are waiting to offer you rest from the day’s excursions. Lounge by the pool, soak up the sun and more at this basecamp.

Travel Tip 5: Ticaboo Dining

What would be a vacation without food?

Gain your energy for all of your excursions at any of the local restaurants. Offshore Grill is open daily from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. with the best grilled, fresh food to feast upon. Claiming the best burgers at Lake Powell, you’ll have to try it for yourself to make the final decision! They also offer refreshingly cold ice cream and shakes to beat the summer heat.

As a tourist destination, the town can’t wait to see you around! These Ticaboo travel tips have everything you need to plan the best getaway in Southern Utah.

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