Unique ways to snowshoe in Bryce Canyon Country

Picture this: you wake up one morning to beautiful red hoodoos covered in a blanket of freshly-fallen snow. Your family has lots of energy and is ready to explore. Hiking would lead to many slips and frozen toes. Snowshoeing sounds like the perfect activity! Bryce Canyon National Park is a wonderful place for your family’s next snowshoeing exploration.

Bryce Canyon opens all trails to snowshoers during the right conditions. Although snowshoes allow you to travel through deep snow, they still require effort and can be strenuous at times. Most snowshoers enjoy walking along some of our beautiful vistas.

Trails and Paths

Rim Trail – This jaw-dropping trail allows snowshoers the opportunity to see the Main Amphitheater from above. It runs from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point and is about 5.5 miles one-way.

Bristlecone Loop – Bristlecone Loop guides guests through the forest at the highest point of the park. You will quickly understand where this loop gets its name as you pass through all the Bristlecone Pines, aging up to 1,800-years-old. The forested environment is home to a number of wildlife including: grouse, woodpeckers, owls and a variety of squirrels and chipmunks. This is one of our smaller trails, being only one mile long.

Fairyland Road – Fairyland Road is one of the more strenuous trails due to its length and the multiple elevation changes. But boy, the views sure are worth it! This road takes you alongside the hoodoos and into the canyon and includes a spur trail to Tower Bridge. Fairyland Road is 8 miles long and we recommend it for those that are more experienced.

Snowshoeing Information

For adventurers without their own equipment, join a Ranger Program! This is a guided tour for snowshoers of all levels. Whether you have been doing it for years, or simply want a family activity, this is a notable option for you. It includes snowshoes and poles and is free for everyone. However, due to the limited group size and unpredictable weather conditions, registration is required in advance. Sign-ups will be offered at the Visitor Center the day of the program, beginning at 8 a.m. and going until full.

Guided Full Moon Tour

If you are an experienced snowshoer and want more of an adventure, the guided full moon tour is a unique possibility for you. The light of the moon generates shadows of the hoodoos, creating an eerie environment, fun to explore. However, due to the specific conditions required for this hike, the opportunities are rare. Check out our full moon hike calendar for more information.

Bryce Canyon Country offers many gorgeous snowshoeing trails. Ranging from various levels of difficulty, there is fun for everyone. Bundle up and join us in adventuring through the snow-covered trails of Bryce Canyon Country!

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