Top 10 Adventures

Welcome to Utah’s Bryce Canyon Country! At Bryce Canyon Country, July is a time for getting out and exploring the great outdoors. Bryce Canyon is a place for adventure year-round—so get ready for some fun with these top 10 activities.

10. Canyoneering

These brilliant red rocks are meant to be explored with canyoneering—the process of hiking, rappelling, and rock scrambling. It will be one of the most unique and intriguing experiences of your life!

9. Go Fishing

Discover trout fishing at its best in Bryce Canyon Country. From low-lying streams to elevated mountain lakes, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to catch rainbow, cutthroat, or German brown trout.

8. Create Some Cowboy Fun

Put on a cowboy hat, take a Western family photo, or enjoy a Western dinner show. Families will be tapping their boots as they enjoy live music and lots of laughter from the famous Bar G Wranglers!

7. Capture Amazing Photos

The contrasting colors, textures, and rock layers are a photographer’s paradise. Don’t miss the picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets—you’ll impress your friends around the world with all you’re seeing and doing!

6. Experience a Rodeo or Try Ranching

Join the fun and excitement of Western competition at the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo or find your own home on the range and try cowboy roping at a real old-west dude ranch.

5. Come Visit in the Winter!

White snow resting on the crimson earth makes Bryce Canyon Country even more stunning in the winter. The snow-covered trails take cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and snowshoeing to a new, scenic level.

4. Climb on the Saddle

Take the whole family—even the little ones—on a horse-drawn wagon ride to see Bryce Canyon, or hop on the saddle yourself and go horseback riding on the very trails used by outlaw Butch Cassidy.

3. Go Off-Roading

Get your motors running on an All-Terrain or Off-Road Vehicle and explore miles of spectacular trails in Bryce Canyon Country. Get ready for adventure as you zoom through dense forests and towering rock formations.

2. Enjoy a Scenic Bike Ride

Bryce Canyon Country is loaded with hundreds of miles of great mountain biking trails and paved trail systems. You’ll experience the thrill of dramatic elevation changes and out-of-this-world landscapes.

1. Good Ol’ Hiking!

Hiking is the number one activity—especially in the main Bryce Canyon National Park amphitheater, which is home to the world’s largest collection of hoodoos—tall rock spires of multiple colors and varying thickness. Visitors who walk among these rare geological formations are left in complete amazement.

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