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Anasazi State Park Museum

Address: Boulder – 460 North Hwy. 12, Box 1429, 84716-1429

Phone: 435-335-7308


Coombs site ruins and museum, auditorium, and gift shop. A short trail from the visitor center leads to the Coombs Site Ruins and a life-size, six-room replica of part of the pueblo. The replica gives the visitor an idea of what life was like for the Anasazi between 800 and 900 years ago. Museum Hours: May 16-September 15 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), September 16- May 15 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) * The Park is closed on New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information, call: (435) 335-7308 Gift Shop – Native American jewelry, pottery, fetishes, souvenirs, clothing, etc.

Bryce Wildlife Museum

Address: Bryce – 1945 UT-12

Phone: 435-834-5555


This world-class museum is the only wildlife museum in Utah dedicated to providing valuable education about wildlife and wildlife habitats in the US. Robert Driedonks, who is the owner and curation, stated, "We want to make the public aware of the challenges to wildlife in the world. Global warming, urbanization, and over-use of nature threaten wildlife and its habitats. We must teach people that we share the planet with animals that depend on humans to behave responsibly. The dioramas show the animals their natural habitats and their coexistence with other animals in their environment. Contrary to other museums, we presented the animals at ease and relaxed, and not hunting or attacking other animals. The changes that we implemented are a significant addition to the education of our visitors." 

Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers


Address: 105 East and Center Street


Address: 30 West Center Street


Address: 71 West Center Street

Open June – August, Wednesday – Saturday 5 PM to 8 PM (Summer hours vary)

Escalante Heritage Center

Address: 1300 North Highway 12, Escalante, Utah 84726

Phone: 435-826-4542



The Escalante Heritage/Hole-in-the-Rock Center consists of an information plaza of kiosks telling about the Hole-in-the-Rock expedition and the settling of Escalante. There are two large murals, painted by artist Lynn Griffin, depicting the descent of wagons down through the Hole and the story of the last wagon down on the first day of descent.

There is a Cabin/Visitor Center that contains further information on Escalante and the Hole-in-the-Rock expedition. A 15-minute video on the Hole-in-the-Rock expedition is shown upon request. The Cabin/Visitor Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p. m., April 1 through October 30. Restrooms are open 24 hours a day, April 1 through October 30. They are closed during the winter months. The Center has a webcam that tells the weather in this area.

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