In Winter

There’s no better time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park than in the winter! I can hear it now, you’re thinking “Are you sure? Bryce Canyon National Park in the winter?” Yes, Bryce in the Winter. 

Bryce Canyon National Park in the winter is a completely different view as the red rock spires and hoodoos stand tall with a white blanket of snow. There are many different activities to experience that aren’t possible in the summer. Most importantly, did we mention that there aren’t crowds in the winter? That alone might be a good enough reason to come this winter season.

What to expect during winter
Without the crowds of summer, the beautiful vistas that bring visitors from all over the world aren’t any less stunning. If anything, they are more beautiful because you can witness the sunrise and the rays of light hitting the hoodoos and spires that sparkle and shimmer in the light with a blanket of white snow.

However, if you come to Bryce Canyon in the winter, you must also expect a smaller town scene. Because of the seasonal shift in travelers, and the limited access to businesses because of snow, many restaurants are closed for the winter season. When planning your vacation, be sure to view seasonal hours of restaurants or ask local businesses for accurate information.

Experience the winter canyon
Snow only adds to the fun experiences Bryce Canyon has to offer! Although some places in the park may be closed for safety, there is still hiking access to the Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail from the Navajo Loop Trail. This trail is perfect for families and you can go as far as you’d like and then turn back to the trailhead. The perfect way to experience this trail is at sunrise to see the sun hit the hoodoos and experience the sky filled with colors. Often, you’ll find the trails less crowded at early hours as well.

Another good trail for a morning adventure is Mossy Caves, since it is close to Tropic, just outside Bryce Canyon City. The hike is only .5 miles and you’ll get to see amazing icicle formations that were once streams of water in the summer.

Snowshoeing is also an adventurous way to experience Bryce Canyon National Park. Yes, you can snowshoe inside the park! Other winter activities such as sledding, cross-country skiing and ice skating can be found outside the park, in the nearby area. 

Dress for winter in the canyon
Winter weather is not only colder but also requires slightly different preparation. In addition to bringing water and staying hydrated, wear a non-cotton base layer for your clothing to wick away perspiration and keep you at a consistent temperature on your adventures. 

Are you ready? Come and enjoy the winter season in Bryce Canyon Country. We can’t wait to see you!

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