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Race your way through Red Canyon by mountain biking the rocky, red terrain of the Utah deserts. Although you can’t mountain bike in Bryce Canyon National Park, there’s still ways to experience scenery nearly identical to its beauty in surrounding canyons. Red Canyon, Utah covers 41,431 acres and has elevation between 7,000 and 8,000 feet.

Red Canyon has spectacular, red-rock features with breathtaking overlooks and sweeping vistas that will amaze you throughout the whole ride. Here are some recommended trails:

  1. Casto Canyon Trail —  This trail is 5.5 miles of red-rock scenery and Ponderosa pines. The trail is relatively easy except for 2 miles of singletrack. With creek dips and windy turns you’ll venture to some amazing views. The lower parts of Casto Canyon are lined with Douglas firs, long-leaf pine and wildflowers
  2. Losee Canyon Trail — With incredible rock formations this 2.9 mile trail connects to Cassidy Trail, east of Red Canyon Visitor Center on Highway 12. This trial is considered intermediate technical as it begins at 7,200 feet and rises to 7,900 feet. This is known for its beautiful limestone rock, cedar and long-leaf bristlecone pine
  3. Thunder Mountain Trail — As a 7.8 mile intermediate trail you’ll experience 3,000 feet in elevation gain. With intense climbs and thrilling switchbacks you’ll enjoy the gentle descents. Along the trail you’ll see Ponderosa pines and unique rock formations
  4. Cassidy Trail — This moderate 8.9 mile trail includes winding through deep Ponderosa pines and unique red rock formations. Sections of the trail are believed to have been used by Butch Cassidy, the infamous outlaw. If you watch closely you might spot sought-after Butch Cassidy hideouts.
  5. Red Canyon Bicycle Trail — If you’re looking for mountain scenery, but aren’t wanting to venture on dirt trails and steep ledges, you can bike the 5-mile Red Canyon Bicycle Trail. Although not a mountain bike trail, this paved bike trail runs parallel to Scenic Highway 12 from Red Canyon to Thunder Mountain Trailhead and from there it connects onto Coyote Hollow Road. To experience even more scenery you can ride into Bryce Canyon National Park as well

For more information view this mountain bike map and learn about our bike rentals.

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