You will discover trout fishing at its best in our many mountain lakes, reservoirs, and streams with the surrounding scenery as beautiful and diverse as the fisheries themselves. From low-lying streams like the Sevier River, to large lakes surrounded by forests like Panguitch Lake, to clear mountain lakes high in the Boulder Mountain, you will find plenty of opportunities to catch your limit of rainbow, brook, cutthroat, or German brown trout.

We are very proud of our beautiful waterways and we want to keep them as clean and unspoiled as possible. Please do your share in helping to preserve and protect our land and waters. Please do not litter; pack out what you take in and pick up any litter you find. If you are camping, use developed campgrounds when possible. Use existing fire pits at developed or primitive camping areas. Please be careful with fire. Keep a clean camp or you may attract the company of uninvited guests like bears, skunks, or mountain lions. Go prepared into primitive areas. The water in all Utah streams must be boiled or purified before drinking; or carry drinking water with you.

Local businesses have fishing licenses and copies of the Utah Fishing Proclamation which lists the complete rules for fishing in the State of Utah. Detailed maps of the area can be obtained from the U.S. Forest Service,the BLM and at sporting goods stores. Check locally for road and weather conditions before traveling on any dirt or gravel back roads. Many are impassable in wet weather.

Ice Fishing

Some of the best fishing in Bryce Canyon Country is done in the winter. Lakes freeze over and ice fishing becomes a relaxing winter pastime.

Panguitch Lake is one of the most popular ice fishing lakes in Bryce Canyon Country, and is accessible by automobile in the winter. Wide Hollow Reservoir, Piute Reservoir, and Otter Creek Reservoir are other excellent winter fisheries that are accessible by 2-wheel drive vehicle. Lake Powell, although not frozen over in the winter, is noted for its winter fishing.

Weather plays a major factor in the thickness of the ice and accessibility. Please check road and weather conditions and the thickness of the ice before ice fishing!

The following is a list of lakes surrounding the Bryce Canyon Country area.

Panguitch Lake & Tropic Resevoir Area
  • Asay Creek
  • Mammoth Creek
  • Panguitch Lake
  • Panguitch River
  • Sevier River
  • Sevier River East Fork
  • Tropic Reservoir
Boulder Mountain Area Lakes
  • Barker Reservoir
  • Blind Lake
  • Boulder Creek
  • Calf Creek
  • Deer Creek Lake
  • Garkane Power Plant
  • Joe Lay Reservoir
  • Lower Barker Reservoir
  • Lower Bowns Reservior
  • Mc Gath Lake
  • North Creek
  • Oak Creek Reservoir
  • Pine Creek
  • Posey Lake
  • Row Lakes
  • Wide Hollow Reservoir
Pine Lake & Otter Creek Reservoir Area
  • Antimony Creek
  • Antimony Lake
  • Otter Creek Reservoir
  • Pine Lake
  • Piute Reservoir
  • Sevier River East Fork
  • Sevier River West Fork

For further information, please contact the Garfield County Travel Council. 1-800-444-6689.

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