The Blues

It’s not uncommon to feel a little blue, or to sing the blues, but here’s your chance to see The Blues! The blues is a very rough section of land that sits approximately 15 miles east of Bryce Canyon just north and west of Scenic Byway 12, and just below Powell Point.

The Blues is a badland of gray-green shale that was deposited in this area at a time when it was covered by an inland ocean. Much of the soil in this area is quite soft and easily eroded and offers one of the world’s most continuous records of late Cretaceous life.

Rising above The Blues is Powell Point at an elevation of 10,188 feet. This scenic point has formations that resemble those at Bryce Canyon. Powell Point marks the southern end of the Boulder Mountains and the Aquarius Plateau and can be seen from byway 12 at the main points of the compass.

To get to The Blues you can travel just east of Henrieville on Scenic Byway 12 and climb northeast toward Escalante. You will rise up several hundred feet on the byway until you reach the summit at about 7,600 feet in elevation. Here’ there is a parking area and overlook for excellent views and photography opportunities.

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