The Best Burger for Your Bucket List

Everybody has to eat when on vacation and dining is a large part of the experience. It’s exciting to indulge in unique flavors and delicious decadents not likely to be found in your hometown.

Food tourism is also a great way to experience the area’s unique culture. Food even has some historical significance in areas that give you a different perspective on the destination’s history. 

Antimony, Utah may not be the first place you think of for a vacation destination, but several locals will tell you that it’s the ideal location for the best burger! Located on UT-22 just 41 miles north of Bryce Canyon, you won’t want to miss this authentic Western town.

The History of Antimony

First named Coyote because of the several coyote pups found here, this small town was settled by a party of 22 men who came in 1873. 

The town’s name was later changed to Antimony in 1921 after the chemical element stibnite or antimonite was found 8 miles away in Coyote Canyon. With the discovery of this element, industrial mining became popular. In addition to mining, ranching became a source of income for the residents.

Even today, Antimony is still the epitome of the “Wild West,” where you can experience cattle drives and a working dude ranch while enjoying your leisure vacation in the countryside. At an elevation of 6,500 feet, Antimony experiences all four seasons and an abundance of activities that coincide including fishing, horseback riding, snowshoeing, and other outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Experience the “Wild West”

There are multiple ways to experience the “Old West” and its roots in the high mountains and ranching community of Antimony. Take a detour to stop in Antimony and even spend a day at Rockin’ R Ranch — a real, working cattle ranch with lodging, dining, and plenty of “Wild West” experiences. 

At the ranch, go horseback riding like the famous Butch Cassidy, who roamed the very same area with his wild bunch of outlaws. Try out cowboy roping and see if you’re fit for ranching life. There are numerous hiking and fishing locations that are bound to bring travelers more in tune with nature. 

If you go in the summer, make sure to dip your toes in the swimming pond or grab a tub for a splash of fun down the river. Just when you think you’re done, tap your feet to the beat of some western music and go dancing! 

The Best Burger and more

Lastly, whether driving through or staying for a day or two, there’s nothing better than the best burger in town, according to many locals. If you don’t believe the locals, the Antimony Merc has won Best in State awards for the past three consecutive years. 

The Antimony Merc is not only a restaurant but also a local campground and RV park, perfect for travelers to stop by and rest on their way. Dine-in or take-out, this burger receives glowing reviews along with its fries and homemade pies!

The onion rings and biscuits and gravy are other menu items raved about by visitors. This family-owned and operated restaurant is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch but closes in the early evening, so put this on the top of your bucket list on your next road trip to the area. 

If we haven’t convinced you to drop by Antimony on your next escape to Bryce Canyon, we don’t know what will! This small town has a charm unlike others and is a fun and authentic place for a vacation to Bryce Canyon Country.

If you stop by, be sure to share your adventures on social media by tagging @brycecanyoncountry and using the hashtag #BryceandBeyond.

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