Romantic Getaways – Bryce Canyon Country

Time for a little romance? Bryce Canyon Country has already set the stage — all you have to do is show up with that special someone! Majestic red rock hoodoos and incredible panoramic views create an ideal backdrop for a picnic lunch, a romantic stroll or—for adventure lovers—a heart-pumping hike.

Secluded bed and breakfasts nestled beneath stunning mountain views throughout Bryce Canyon Country promise a relaxing, romantic stay. Scenic drives, quiet alpine lakes, dark starry nights and awe-inspiring, natural beauty make Bryce Canyon Country a gateway to romance.

If you’ve considered Bryce Canyon National Park for your honeymoon or romantic escape, here are 10 ways to make the most of your romantic getaway:

  1. Start your day with an unforgettable daybreak at Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, as the sun washes over the hoodoos in a breathtaking rainbow of color.
  2. Enjoy a rim stroll to Sunset Point for a perfectly romantic way to end the day.
  3. In between? Take in the sweeping panoramic views from Inspiration Point, Rainbow Point, and Fairyland Point, or at any of the romantic vistas along the park’s scenic drive.
  4. Hit the trails inside Bryce Canyon National Park to get your heart pumping, or explore quieter hikes outside the park in Escalante, Boulder Mountain, or any of Bryce Canyon Country’s secluded trails.
  5. Take a dip in a cool alpine lake or hike to a waterfall; explore Calf Creek.
  6. Discover the perfect picnic spot for quiet, romantic moments.
  7. If your other half loves horses, there are plenty of horseback riding trails that showcase Bryce Canyon Country’s hidden gems. And don’t forget winter sleigh rides to the rim are the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your honey!
  8. Just drive. Scenic Byway 12 runs from Panguitch to Boulder, and it’s beautiful the entire way. Hell’s Backbone, spur roads and other scenic backways in Bryce Canyon Country are sure to lift your spirits and inspire love.
  9. Whether your idea of a romantic getaway is a secluded escape with breathtaking views or snuggling in front of a fireplace at a cozy bed & breakfast, Bryce Canyon Country has an accommodation to suit your idea of romance. Relax in the cozy lounge at Ruby’s Inn, enjoying the roaring fireplace.
  10. Not quite ready for sleep? A moonlit rim stroll or a full moon hike can be the perfect end to a perfect day in Bryce Canyon, and the stargazing can’t be beat.

Awe-inspiring adventure during the day, quiet romance at night, starry skies, and breathtaking views—love is in the air at Bryce Canyon Country.

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