Weather in Bryce Canyon Country

So much of your vacation is dependent on the weather! Often the weather will be a determining factor of whether you want to explore the slot canyons or adventure on a specific scenic route that’s not paved. Besides the weather, it’s important to note that Bryce Canyon is high in elevation, anywhere from 8,000-9,000 feet.  

With many things factoring into your decision, we hope the weather is one of the least stressful parts! Here’s a quick weather guide to Bryce Canyon Country throughout the year.


Most visitors come from mid-April through September while the weather is warm. In Bryce Canyon Country, With a daily average high of 83 degrees and a nighttime low of 47 degrees, there is plenty of time for adventure. In the summer, the sun stays longer above the horizon, lengthening the days and providing more sunlight for your daily activities. July is the hottest month of the summer. 

The highest recorded temperature in the area was 98 degrees Fahrenheit in 2002. When traveling during this time, hiking and strenuous activity are best done in the mornings and evenings and all visitors should make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Visiting Dixie National Forest and the high-alpine lakes in the area is another way to escape the heat and find adventure. Exploring slot canyons can also give you an adventure out of direct sunlight to help you stay cool.


The winter weather, filled with snow, attracts visitors for the seclusion of the parks and attractions without the hustle and bustle of summer crowds. Make sure to bundle up for your adventures as the temperature ranges from 15-40 degrees Fahrenheit any time from December through February! 

With the colder weather, preparation for adventure in this weather varies slightly. In addition to bringing water and staying hydrated, wear a non-cotton base layer for your clothing to wick away perspiration and keep you at a consistent temperature on your adventures.

Learn about winter in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Spring and Fall

Spring in Bryce Canyon Country can often be the most unpredictable time of the year. Visitors should keep a note of the weather forecasts and be aware of what trails are and are not open because Bryce Canyon Country can often receive snowstorms as late as March due to the high elevation.

Fall is a wonderful time of year for changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Scenic drives are perfect to see the area that stretches beyond Bryce Canyon National Park and the trees that create unique photographic vistas with yellow, red and orange leaves. 

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