Make Your Vacation Spark: Things to Do in Kodachrome Basin State Park

It’s often said that love starts with a spark — a love-at-first-sight moment, and as much as people can fall in love with each other, they can also fall in love with a destination’s views and scenic horizons as well.

When you plan a vacation to Kodachrome Basin State Park, pictures will help give you an idea, but physically being in the desert plain with colorful rock formations will take your breath away. Sparks will start to fly once you pass into the park at 5,800 feet elevation and feel like you’re on top of the world.

Whether you decide to actively experience the park and photograph its beauty, or stare at the starry night sky and stay a few days, you’ll find peace in this natural environment captivating.

So, if you’re open to love, open your itinerary to experience Kodachrome Basin State Park.

Adventure Activities

Approximately 12 miles or five trails of backcountry fun wind through the park calling you for a variety of adventurous activities including hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Three hiking trails — the Angel’s Palance, Shakespeare Arch-Sentinel Trail, and the Nature Trail — all range in difficulty but provide the same amount of fun. The Nature Trail is the shortest and is ADA accessible.

Two multi-purpose trails — Grand Parade Trail and Panorama Trail — allow equestrian and bike access for a faster-paced riding experience throughout the canyons and cliffs.

As you wander through the park, don’t forget to look up at the 67 sandstone pipes, red rock hoodoos stretching from 6-170 feet to the sky among the rolling hills of terrain and other geology wonders.

Another adventurous activity is Kodachrome Basin’s new disc golf course. Full of fantastic views, experience nine holes starting and ending at the visitor center. You can buy or rent discs from the visitor center and play the day away!

Calming Activities

Each turn in the trail, each view of the horizon brings new photographic opportunities. Unique to anything else, the past 180 million years have eroded and constantly changed the landscape to be what you see today. To truly capture and remember these panoramas, take photographs and selfies with the rock backdrops.

Adding to the uniqueness of your experience, stargazing in Kodachrome Basin State Park is ideal, calming, and a relaxing activity not to be missed. Compared to urban city environments, the sky in the park is clear of light pollution opening your eyes to the majesty of the sky and its sparkling stars and awe-inspiring galaxy views.

Camp/Stay the Night

If you find yourself in Kodachrome Basin State Park admiring the location, stay the night in the park or extend your stay any time of year. The park is open year-round and two out of three campgrounds will welcome you any season you want to make the trip.

In addition to three campgrounds, newly added bunkhouses are a pleasurable way to rest your head in the Mountain West. From tents to RVs and cabins, Kodachrome Basin State Park is welcoming and ready for your next adventure.

Plan your next trip today using our Plan Your Trip website feature and get ready to spark a love connection with Kodachrome Basin State Park.

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