Rugged, remote, otherworldly Utah


July 11, 2016

Sure, you can go on a week’s safari in Africa or spend seven days cycling in New Zealand, but one of the world’s most spectacular spots is closer than you think. Frequently and unfairly overlooked, Utah is a “state of mind … sculpted by wind, water and time,” its tourism slogans tout. That apt description only hints at the natural force and geological artistry shaping southern Utah’s jaw-dropping national park landscapes.

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Bryce Canyon skies dazzle at 16th annual Astronomy Festival


June 7, 2016

Bryce Canyon National Park held its annual Astronomy Festival Wednesday through Saturday and the resulting photos are breathtaking.

The festival featured nightly telescope viewings as well as presentations from renowned astronomers, Bryce Canyon National Park officials said. During the telescope viewings, “dark rangers” were available to interpret the sky for visitors.

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Governor praises Ruby’s Inn for vision, hospitality

-The Spectrum

June 3, 2016

Although the locals know the rich history of the Syrett family and their dedication to tourism in Garfield County, Gov. Gary Herbert issued a proclamation on Memorial Day in honor of the couple who provided a huge boost to tourism in the area 100 years ago.

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Astronomy Festival Kicks Off in Utah, Far From City Lights

June 1, 2016

The 16th annual Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival kicks off this week in southern Utah, and will be in attendance.

Yes, we’re getting out this summer — taking advantage of the warm weather and heading to a location so far from city lights that the night sky can radiate in all its glory.

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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument presents picture-perfect views

-Las Vegas Review Journal

May 31, 2016

Sometimes you have to take one for the team. That’s what I was thinking as I watched my husband, Review-Journal photographer Jeff Scheid, wade through the ice-cold, knee-deep water of Zebra Slot Canyon in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

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Mike Yardley: Bewitched at Bryce Canyon, Utah

-Newstalk ZB

May 11, 2016

Compared to the ordered formality of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon is like geology gone berserk. It’s nature at its playful best. The kaleidoscope of colour is bewitching, with the rock formations spanning hues of crimson, orange, yellow, pink, grey, chocolate and white. Venturing to Bryce with great expectations, I was still slayed in disbelief at the unrestrained beauty of the place. It is poetry in stone.

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Spectacular rock formations, color await at Bryce and Zion

-Daily Press

May 3, 2016

For beautiful, colorful limestone formations that are natural art forms, visit Bryce and Zion National Parks in the beautiful state of Utah. The horseshoe shaped, naturally carved ‘hoodoos’ are intertwined by trails of whimsical rock formations. Not sure what a hoodoo is? Hike the trail, and you will see. It’s a fun surprise of geology.

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Dark skies: ‘Half the park is after dark’

-Deseret News

April 27, 2016

If you live in an urban area — as more than 90 percent of all Utah residents do — you may have never seen the Milky Way. That is, you may never have really seen it in all its glory

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Utah’s ‘big’ Thunder Mountain: A classic hiking, biking and equestrian trail


April 27, 2016

In Disney’s Frontier Land, you’ll find a very popular rollercoaster called the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Touted by Disney as the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness,” Big Thunder Mountain has been a family favorite for generations. However,

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What You’ll Find in These 12 Small Towns in Utah May Surprise You

-Only In your State

April 11, 2016

Utah’s small towns have tons to offer, and you already know about some of the most popular attractions. Everyone knows that Vernal is THE place to go for dinosaurs, for instance, but you might not be aware of one of its other interesting bits of history. Kanab is the gateway to several of our national parks, but it also has some very cool residents of the furry variety. Read on to find out the secrets of Vernal, Kanab and 10 other small towns in Utah that you should definitely visit this spring.

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