Great Destinations in Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest is the largest national forest in Utah, stretching almost two million miles of extraordinary red rock and green forested land. With so many adventures to explore, we’ve provided a list of four great destinations to visit in the expansive Dixie National Forest.

Red Canyon

It’s not hard to see why Red Canyon has fascinated people for centuries. The red rock exhibits a brilliant scarlet color against the deep green of the ponderosa pines creating a perfect snapshot image. Red Canyon has some of Utah’s greatest hiking trails for people of all ages and conditions. The trails are open year-round. Even in the winter months, tourists enjoy cross country skiing on the well-paved paths to catch the beauty of the bright white frost-covered red rock.

Hell’s Backbone

Hell’s Backbone lives up to its name, as the windy road weaves in and out that may take your breath away. The rugged ridge-like bridge links the Boulder Mountains to the north and the Escalante River cut canyons to the south. The scenery is great as it changes from rustic desert views to lush green pines. Stunning sites of the vertical gray-orange Navajo Sandstone in Box-Death Hollow Wilderness can’t be missed. There are hiking and backpacking trails available for those who want to venture down into the canyon’s depths.

Powell Point

As an extension of the massive Aquarius Plateau on Table Cliff Plateau, Powell Point is an iconic viewpoint for Southern Utah visitors. The unique Wasatch Limestone Formation soils provide a home to the rare plant species, bristlecone pines, that have weathered a millennium. Steep cliffs, plateaus, and open land offer striking views for the old and young. The best part is that it’s only a one-mile walk to visit this expansive panoramic viewpoint.

Boulder Mountain

Steep slopes of mountain meadows and forest pines blanket Boulder Mountain. The glistening 80 lakes and fresh mountain air create perfect serene camping opportunities. The alluring green fields, blue waters, and desert mountain brush create views unmatched anywhere. The fishing is fantastic, especially if you want to catch large brook trout. For those wanting to get in touch with the backcountry and experience some remarkable scenery, there are backpacking trips available.

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