Pinpoint Weather Kids: Boulder Elementary

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BOULDER, Utah – The Good4Utah Road Tour rolled into Anasazi State Park Museum Wednesday.

It’s a state park and museum in southern Utah that features the ruins of an ancient Anasazi village.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Pope was joined by his friends from Boulder Elementary …

Garfield County offers beautiful adventures with a splash of history

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Garfield County is one of the biggest counties in our state and the least populated. It’s a slice of nature you can’t find anywhere else and offers plenty of adventure.

There are miles of hikes throughout the the county for hikers of all levels. From the majestic beauty and family friendly hikes of Calf Creek Falls to the Burr Trail, a scenic drive meandering through…

Get a glimpse at ancient civilizations at Anasazi State Park Museum

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ANASAZI STATE PARK, Utah (News4Utah) – The Good4Utah Road traveled down to south central Utah for a stop at Anasazi State Park Museum.

Archeological ruins that date back to about 1160 make Anasazi State Park a glimpse back at ancient civilizations. Many of the artifacts found in the area…

Highway 143 reopens after Brian Head Fire

As the Brian Head fire continues to decrease in size, roads and attractions around the mountain are reopening. National Scenic Highway 143 is now reopen on both sides, from Parowan to Panguitch, as well as lodges, restaurants and boat rentals around Panguitch Lake.

“We are so grateful to the firefighters, police force and volunteers who have dedicated time and energy into keeping our community safe,” said Falyn Owens, executive director of the Garfield County Tourism Office. “Because of their hard work,

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Five “mighty” reasons to road trip through Utah

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When it comes to road trips in the USA, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to skip Utah. Encompassing nearly 85,000 miles, Utah is the 13th largest state in America, but the 35th largest in population, which means there are plenty of open spaces to explore, including five national parks (dubbed The Mighty 5), an All-American Road, ski resort towns that provide year-round fun and so much more. In fact, road trips are so popular in Utah, the

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Nature up close: Bryce Canyon National Park

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By “Sunday Morning” contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg.

“A hell of a place to lose a cow!” That’s what early pioneer Ebenezer Bryce said about Bryce Canyon.

I have to admit geology isn’t my favorite science. I agree with Sheldon Cooper from the best sitcom on TV, “The Big Bang Theory,” who says geology is not a real science and calls geologists the “Kardashians of science.” I would rather see something cute and fuzzy than something cold and hard, but I have to

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Visiting Utah? Here are the Five National Parks that You Must Visit

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Located in the western part of the US, Utah is known to be a center for mining and countless tourist destinations that are intended for outdoor leisure and recreation. With over 3 million local residents, it’s also considered to be one of the best picked tourist destination among the 50 states of the country.