Overlooked U.S. Routes That Make for Incredible Road Trips

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The great American road trip has been a vacation idea for ages. Of course, Route 66 is an iconic choice; the Pacific Coast Highway and Blue Ridge Parkway are up there too. Yet there are many highways, routes, and byways across the United States that can also make this journey equally memorable. Here are a few U.S. driving routes that might not come to mind at first, but still provide inspiring roadside views and stops.

Pinpoint Weather Kids: Boulder Elementary

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BOULDER, Utah – The Good4Utah Road Tour rolled into Anasazi State Park Museum Wednesday.

It’s a state park and museum in southern Utah that features the ruins of an ancient Anasazi village.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Pope was joined by his friends from Boulder Elementary …

Garfield County offers beautiful adventures with a splash of history

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Garfield County is one of the biggest counties in our state and the least populated. It’s a slice of nature you can’t find anywhere else and offers plenty of adventure.

There are miles of hikes throughout the the county for hikers of all levels. From the majestic beauty and family friendly hikes of Calf Creek Falls to the Burr Trail, a scenic drive meandering through…

Get a glimpse at ancient civilizations at Anasazi State Park Museum

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ANASAZI STATE PARK, Utah (News4Utah) – The Good4Utah Road traveled down to south central Utah for a stop at Anasazi State Park Museum.

Archeological ruins that date back to about 1160 make Anasazi State Park a glimpse back at ancient civilizations. Many of the artifacts found in the area…