The Quilt Walk of 1864!

How quilts helped save the lives of Utah pioneers.

Panguitch, Utah was established in 1863 under the name of Fairview. Panguitch sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet, and this elevation allows for a shorter than normal growing season. In 1864 significant snow storms came too early and the wheat crops

Fall Colors – Bryce Canyon Country

Fall colors in Bryce Canyon Utah

Fall is an ideal time to visit Bryce Canyon Country, when colorful foliage and cooler temperatures beckon and the summer crowds dwindle. Autumn’s brilliant reds, oranges, and golds typically peak around mid-October at Bryce Canyon Country’s lower elevations, which are still upwards of 4,000 feet.

Art – Painting – Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Canyon Country’s scenic beauty and pioneer heritage is often reflected in the works of its resident and visiting artists. The rugged, vibrant region offers a visual feast of complex texture and stunning color, from Bryce Canyon’s wind-eroded hoodoos to the vermillion, pink, and gray layered

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Elevations in Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Canyon Country ranges in elevation from around 4,500 feet to 11,000 feet. This high-altitude region offers a scenic escape from southern Utah’s scorching heat with pleasant, dry summers, and a gorgeous snow-capped playground in winter.

Bryce Canyon Utah Elevation

Bryce Canyon Country’s communities sit at fairly high

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Butch Cassidy – A Utah Boy

Butch Cassidy is associated today with Paul Newman’s crooked smile and smooth lines in the 1969 Hollywood classic “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Though much of the film is obviously fictionalized a few key elements seem to be true to the real character of Butch Cassidy, or Robert LeRoy

Escalante Canyons Art Festival

The Escalante Canyons Art Festival celebrates the life and work of artist Everett Ruess, who disappeared in the rugged Escalante canyons in November 1934. The enigmatic young artist was inspired by the dramatic western landscape, and forged friendships with fellow nature artists and photographers

An Incredible Bryce Country RV Excursion

I've heard that the U.S. Park Service sometimes calls Bryce Canyon a cave without a ceiling, or a forest of stone. What I would call it, however, is the Grand Canyon without the crowds – every bit as beautiful, but much more remote, and the best vacation you'll ever have in your RV. Bryce Canyon is

Capitol Reef History

Capitol Reef National Park History

Capitol Reef National Park is largely defined by the Waterpocket Fold, a 100-mile long classic monocline uplifted 7,000 feet on the west side. The rugged Waterpocket Fold prevented a barrier to widespread exploration until the mid-1800s, but was home to a Native American population dating back to

Bryce Canyon History

The history of the Bryce Canyon National Park region.

Most famous for the colorful hoodoos which rise from deep within its craggy amphitheaters, Bryce Canyon National Park also boasts a colorful past, rich in Native American lore and pioneer history. Dating back more than 10,000 years, the anthropologic history of Bryce Canyon National Park is as

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