Highway 143 Scenic Byway

Scenic Byway 143 follows a 55-mile course between Panguitch and Parowan, Utah, and connects Intestate 15 to Highway 89. This throughway follows the historic migration route used by the ancient Anasazi and is nicknamed Utah’s Patchwork Parkway.  Just off I-15, the town of Parowan was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1851. Ancient Native Americans left… Continue reading Highway 143 Scenic Byway

Utah’s Heritage Highway 89

Utah Heritage Highway A view along Scenic Highway 89 – on Utah's Heritage Highway

Exploring Utah Heritage Highway 89 through Bryce Canyon Country is an adventure through living history and scenic beauty. With a 500-mile span all the way from Idaho to Arizona, the highway brings you to the heart of unique cultural,

Highway 12 Scenic Byway

Scenic Byway 12 Scenic Byway 12 in Red Canyon, part of the Dixie National Forest.

Scenic Byway 12 takes you on a spectacular 124-mile journey through Bryce Canyon Country's ruggedly beautiful and varied landscape, and was just rated by FoxNews.com as one of the "World's 10 Most Beautiful Highways." One

Scenic Byway 12 Waysides

Red Canyon, The Blues, Powell Point, Upper Valley Graineries

Scenic Byway 12 winds through the heart of scenic Bryce Canyon Country, beginning just five miles south of Panguitch and running for 124 miles through the wealth of archaeological, natural, and recreational wonders this spectacular canyon

Highway 89 Scenic Byway

Scenic Highway 89 runs north-south for more than 500 miles, all the way through Utah from northern Arizona to the Idaho border. Traveling along Scenic Highway 89 is a great way to explore the region’s scenic wonders, giving access to Bryce Canyon Country’s red rock canyons and alpine forests, and

Fall is Fine on Highway 89

When the leaves start to fall, who can resist driving around to admire nature’s beautiful seasonal shift? The perfect way to view the gorgeous colors of autumn is a sight-seeing drive that will take you past breath-taking vistas and fascinating historical sites.

Cowboy’s Breakfast and Outlaw’s Home

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