American ATV Rentals


American ATV Rentals s located in Panguitch, UT. Explore the magnificent beauty of this region on many of the iconic trails.

Our most popular ride is the Panguitch Loop, Ascend via Lime Kiln Canyon, Through upper Hancock Canyon, out the spur trail to the scenic 360 overlook at Peterson point. Then descend through Casto Canyon. This 40-mile ride is considered one of North America’s most spectacular off-road routes.

The Panguitch Loop can be done as a half-day 4-hour ride with limited stops. If riders have the time, we recommend that they book a full day to allow a leisurely 4-6 hours to complete the Panguitch Loop, with time left over for a second route in the afternoon if their schedule allows.

Price Range
$0.00 to $100.00
Contact Information
467 North Main St. , Panguitch, UT, 84759
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