Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum

The Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum gives visitors a chance to truly experience wildlife and natural history.

Located just northwest of Bryce Canyon National Park, the museum features more than 800 mounted animals from around the world exhibited in replicas of their natural habitats, as well as a collection of animal skulls, seashells, and other sea life, and 1,600 mounted butterflies.

The Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum was founded in 1995 by museum curator Robert Driedonks in collaboration with Panguitch City. Driedonks has dedicated much of his life to collecting and preserving wildlife from around the world. The natural history museum is housed in a 14,000-square-foot building featuring state-of-the-art balanced color temperature lighting, and accurate habitat murals created by renowned museum artist Brian Wignall.

This world-class museum is the only wildlife museum in Utah dedicated to providing valuable education about wildlife and wildlife habitats in the US. Owner and Curator Robert Driedonks says, “We want to make the public aware of the challenges to wildlife in the world. Global warming, urbanization, and the over-use of nature threaten wildlife and its habitats. We must teach people that we share the planet with animals that depend on humans to behave responsibly. The dioramas show the animals in their natural habitats and their coexistence with other animals in their environment. Contrary to other museums, we presented the animals at ease and relaxed and not hunting or attacking other animals. The changes that we implemented are a significant addition to the education of our visitors.”

The Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum is located on Scenic Byway 12, just four miles from Bryce Canyon National Park. Bicycles are available for rent and offer a great way to explore nearby Red Canyon.

1945 W, 1945 UT-12, Bryce, UT 84764, UT


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