Need a little adventure? For a true joy ride, try traversing the rugged back roads of ATV trails in the region around Bryce Canyon.  Miles of off road fun awaits adventurers who long to four wheel their way through rugged red rock formations, dense forests, and desert reservoirs.

Utah ATV Trails

A view of formations from the Paunsaugunt Plateau as seen by ATV riders.

Try These Three Spectacular Trails...

Pansaugunt ATV Trail:  Over 25-30 miles of untamed wilderness provide ATVers an open canvas desert exploration. Located on the Powell Ranger District in the National Park, the Pansaugunt ATV trail is known for its epic red rock vistas that stretch across the Dixie National Forest.   (Itinerary)

Utah ATV Trails

Views of ATV riding areas along the Badger Creek ATV trails in the Bryce Canyon region.

Fremont ATV Trail: Wind your way through the dusty trails of Fremont and explore the dense, shady desert forest while wandering through earth’s red rock creations, high plateaus, and memorable western vistas. Quiet and brimming with rare wildlife, this trail is sure to give travelers the perfect exploration in desert seclusion.

Pine Lake OHV Trail: Making a 10,000 feet loop from Pine Lake to Powell Point and around to Pole Canyon and back, is Pine Lake OHV Trail. Filled with the back road’s essence of Utah’s canyon lands, this is one of the great ATV trails you'll find in Bryce Canyon Country. View more Utah ATV Trail Info. here...

Bryce Canyon Utah ATV Trails

A view of the Casto Canyon ATV trail.

Exploring Bryce Canyon’s off-road secrets gives you a chance to inhale the dry desert aromas of pine and sage brush., take-in the endless empty skies and desert sunsets., and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll spot a Peregrine Falcon, Rocky Mountain Elk, or Pronghorn which frequently cross through the forested plateau and deserted amphitheater.

Powell Point:  Full of magically stunning views and located just 23 miles Northeast of Bryce Canyon National Park, Powell Point is a well-kept secret of Southern Utah. Perched at the southern tip of the Table Cliff Plateau, Powell Point is not your average scenic look-out; it’s a colossal scope of some of Southern Utah’s most famous wonders. From the Grand Staircase to the staggering Gray and White Cliffs, the view from Powell Point stenches across miles of desert before finally dropping off into the distance of the Grand Canyon’s mysteries. Viewed from far off, the point resembles the bow of an ocean liner braving through a thunderous sea. A 4-mile ride takes you to the majestic look-out at Powell Point. Central Kaiparowits Province can be viewed through the pine boughs that trace the plateau's eastern rim as visitors make their rugged journey to the top. The Escalante River and its attendant tributaries can also be spotted through the deep and roughened canyons of Box-Death Hollow Wilderness. It’s an epic visual journey through the highlights of Utah’s most valued geological treasures.  More details here...

Utah ATV Riding

Riders enjoy the views of the rough terrain around the Henry Mountains.

Bryce ATV Rally ATV lovers can choose to participant in Bryce Canyon’s annual ATV rally. Trails can be visited by guided tour or explored independently. The rally gives access to more than 2400 miles of ATV trails, including the famous Casto Canyon, ranked among the top ten most scenic trails in the America.   Hosted at the Triple C Arena in Panquitch, the ATV Rodeo and Poker Run are highlights of the Bryce ATV Rally, where visitors can enjoy food and entertainment for the whole family.  Learn more...