Experience the wind rustling through your hair, the fresh smells penetrating your soul and the amazing sights not diminished by a glass window. ATV riding is one of the most enjoyable ways to truly experience Bryce Canyon Country. The area is overflowing with breathtaking trails that go through diverse sceneries so your eyes will never grow bored. Many visitors use the town of Panguitch as a home base for their ATV adventures since it is close to many different trails. Throughout Bryce Canyon Country there are many amazing ATV tours, we’ve listed three trails that we consider are some of the best.

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Casto Canyon

Beautiful Casto Canyon

Casto Canyon is beautifully decorated with spires of orange rock that tower high above the canyon walls and that are surrounded by the forested scents of pine and cedar. This 36-mile round-trip trail goes through the magnificent formations of red hoodoos, pink and white sandstone cliffs and the ever-deepening greens of the ponderosa pines in Casto Canyon.

The Casto Canyon ATV journey is fairly easy to travel on, yet will provide you with rugged terrain through the twists, dips and sharp turns of Utah’s rocky, desert landscape. Prepare for a full day of sightseeing, great photo opportunities and of course snack breaks to soak in the amazing views such as Peterson Point. You should allow for up to five hours for this ride. This trail can be accessed by either Highway 89 or Highway 12.

Badger Creek Loop

Badger Creek Loop

Deep in Dixie National Forest, Badger Creek Loop is an ATV path you’ll not want to miss. This 20-mile trail is full of high mountain meadows, thick shaded forest canopies, orange hoodoos and mixed conifer forests, making the views along Badger Creek Loop legendary. This ATV trail starts from Tropic Reservoir, and once you reach the top of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, you will overlook the rural town of Hatch.

Most riders allow around three hours for this round-trip crusade, to have enough time for camera stops of the breathtaking scenery. Although there are no trail restrictions, side-by-sides will not fit through the terrain in some locations along the trail. 

Powell Point

Powell Point

The last trail we are highlighting is the big kahuna, the ultimate grand finale of scenic sites — the colossal vista of Powell Point. At the viewpoint, you will enjoy a slight break off the ATV course with a .75-mile hike at the top with an elevation of well over 10,000 feet. Once at the top, you’ll understand why we included this trail as one of the best. Powell Point is a lofty perch that provides a stunning view of Southern Utah and parts of northern Arizona.

Powell Point is a 20-mile round-trip beauty with no trail restrictions and can be reached from Scenic Byway 12.


As you explore the ATV trails and other areas in Bryce Canyon Country, remember to recreate responsibly. These beautiful vistas help you create lifelong memories and we encourage you to respect and protect the area so everyone can continue to have a positive outdoor experience.

Now we want to hear from you. Have you ridden these ATV trails? Would you add more to the list? Which trail is your favorite? Leave a comment below with your answer! For more ATV Tours and Rental options follow this link. If you want more ATV tours to explore go here to see our full six-day ATV itinerary.