Devils Garden Utah Devils Garden is part of Bryce Canyon Country and is found along the famous Hole In The Rock road.

Around the bend or just a little further down the road is often where you'll find the most unique attractions of the Bryce Canyon region. Here's just a few of our best kept secrets.

Devils Garden Utah Grand Staircase Devils Garden rock formations.

Devils Garden This natural rock play-land will make a kid out of any adult. Visitors to Devils Garden love to explore and, in some places, climb on these rocks. If you're here in early morning at late afternoons the long shadows and soft light make this an ideal place for incredible photographs.

Utah's Devils Garden Another unique view of formations in Devils Garden.

Grosvenor Arch Formations of this size, shape, and color, are rare and Grosvenor Arch is an easy stop for visitors who want to explore the back-country of the Bryce Canyon Region. The Cottonwood Canyon road connects Kodachrome Basin State Park and Highway 89 near Lake Powell.  Read more about the Grand Staircase.

Grosvenor Arch is easily accessible along the well graded Cottonwood Canyon road. Grosvenor Arch Utah

Pine Lake and Boulder Mountain Boulder Mountain is another name for the massive Aquarius Plateau, and on the western face of this plateau is Pine Lake. Well graded dirt roads make Pine Lake accessible by any vehicle (in good weather) and this is a scenic location for fishing, a picnic, or back-country explorers can continue up the mountain to find other lakes and viewpoints. Wildlife such as elk, deer, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and eagles are found here, and for those looking for a taste of the mountainous American west, this lcoation is one of the best.

pine lake Pine Lake on the western edge of Boulder Mountain.