The Brian Head Fire may have burned down some trees, but it did not burn down the hearts of the locals whose lives were affected by the fire. The residents of Garfield County have bounced back with even more vigor and resolution. The first ever Panguitch Lake Fishing Tournament is one way they show their resilience as they celebrate the reopening of Panguitch Lake.

“It has been a fun and exciting event that has helped spur new business, as well as retain potential losses following the fire. We love our Lake, our Town and the people who live here, and we’re so happy to have had the local support we’ve received.”
-Joe Adams, Bear Paw Resort

PC: Panguitch Lake General Store

Garfield County, the U.S. Forest Service, the Division of Wildlife Resources and businesses in the Panguitch Lake area call one and all to experience the Panguitch Lake Fishing Tournament that started July 22 and goes to Labor Day, September 4. The tournament provides the opportunity for visitors to intake Panguitch Lake’s beauty and to see for themselves how the land remains breathtakingly majestic and serene.

Not only do fisherman have the chance to fish in the beautiful countryside, but they also have the chance to win prizes for catching fish.

“The first was a guy named James, who had come in earlier asking about the tournament, then joking about the odds of catching one of the 100 tagged ones. Several hours later, he popped back in with a fish and tag number 2810.”
-Joe Adams, Bear Paw Resort

PC: Panguitch Lake General Store

Participants can win a prize one of two ways. They can catch one of the 100 tagged rainbow trout, which will be tagged near the dorsal fin with a red “spaghetti” tag, or they can catch any fish that is over 24 inches long. Participants who catch a qualifying fish can bring it to one of the participating businesses in the Panguitch Lake area to claim their prize and to be entered in for the rifle drawing. A list of participating business include:

  • Aspen Cove Resort
  • Bear Paw Resort
  • Burger Barn
  • Blue Springs Lodge
  • Panguitch Lake Adventure Resort
  • Panguitch Lake General Store
  • Rocky Point Boat Dock

PC: Bear Paw Fishing Resort

Prizes include boat rentals to the lake, overnight hotel packages throughout Utah, gift certificates to local restaurants, fishing gear, indoor skydiving certificates in Las Vegas and more. In addition to receiving a prize, all participants will be entered in a drawing to win a rifle donated by Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife.

“Our guests are super excited about the fishing tournament and set out on the lake with a mission. The fishing has been so outstanding that no one has been disappointed, even those that did not catch the prized tagged fish.”
-Veronica Polidori

PC: Panguitch Lake General Store

A healthy population of rainbow trout, Bonneville cutthroat trout and tiger trout live in Panguitch Lake. The lake has in place special fishing regulations to help keep fishing competitive. To learn about the fishing regulations, visit and see page 37 of the 2017 Utah Fishing Guidebook.

PC: Panguitch Lake General Store

Fishing on the majestic Panguitch Lake is not the only fun adventure you can experience in the area. After you cast your fishing line for a chance to win some prizes, make sure you get on an ATV, go horseback ride or hike on the many beautiful trails near and around Panguitch Lake to encounter the wonders many don't get to see.

PC: Panguitch Lake General Store

All those involved with the fishing tournament would like to thank all the sponsors. Including:

The Gold Sponsors

  • Jerry and Monica Taylor
  • Ruby's Inn

The Silver Sponsors

  • Annie and Jeannie Henrie
  • Perkins Livestock
  • Doug Stoddard Custom Cabinets
  • Garfield Memorial Hospital
  • Red Ledges Inn, Tropic
  • Relic Advertising
  • State Bank of Southern Utah
  • Yardley Insurance Agency
  • Bryce Valley Builders
  • IFly Las Vegas
  • Fairfield Inn Marriott - Richfield