Utah Music

The beauty of nature transcends the boundaries of time and space, far beyond the tangible and the visual. Nature’s sounds are the heartbeat of this breathtaking region, composing an exquisite melody against a harmonious visual symphony.

So listen.

Utah National Parks

Listen to the sounds of the wind whistling through the hoodoos and rustling wildly through the canyons. Hear water trickling through the slot canyons, and the intermittent rush of backcountry seasonal waterfalls. Listen to the percussion of rare rains drumming on rock surfaces, and rocks tumbling rhythmically down slopes, landing with a cymbalic crash.


to the hammering of the woodpecker in Dixie National Forest, the flapping wings of ravens, hawks, eagles and condors soaring high above the rugged canyons, the melodious accompaniment of their calls. Listen to the crunch of leaves as animals pad softly through the woods. Notice the clip-clop of horses ambling along paths, and the accelerated cadence of their gallop.


to the echo of hikers in narrow spaces as they wander, talking quietly, laughing softly, and expressing wonder at this visual masterpiece. Listen to the breath of life resonate on the wind.

Wildlife Symphony


to the rush of the rivers, the chirp of the crickets, the lyrics of nature. Feel the breeze wrap around your heart. Absorb the sounds around you.

And remember…

silence is never truly silent.