Kodachrome Basin State Park in Utah

This is a lesser know, even secret, place to experience the scenic wonders of this region.  Kodachrome Basin State Park is an ideal place to relax, hike, mountain bike, enjoy a picnic, camp, horseback ride, shoot photographs or even paint a picture.   Kodachrome Basin was named by the National Geographic Society, and this state park contains many unique spires and chimneys that take on an ethereal glow at sunrise and sunset.

Kodachrome Basin State Park - Utah

This area is unique in that the towers of stone within this park are actually the sedimentary remains of old geyser holes.  That's sounds a little funny until you understand that anciently this area was filled with geysers.  Once the geysers stopped spewing their thermal blasts, the remaining holes were filled with sediment that became much harder than the surrounding terrain.   Eventually the surrounding landscape eroded away leaving the hardened sediment that had filled the geysers.   It's a tricky history to describe, but that is how the towers of Kodachrome Basin came into existence.

Kodachrome Basin is located just nine miles southeast of Cannonville, Utah (map link), and is not far from nearby attractions such as Bryce National Park, Grosvenor Arch, Paria Canyon, Panguitch Historic District, movie sets, and even ghost towns.

Numerous alcoves within Kodachrome offer solitude, peace, and unique desert beauty.   Overnight camping facilities, drinking water, modern rest rooms, hot showers, and rv stations are available. Kodachrome Basin offers an area with picnic tables, fire pits, barbecue grills, and electricity for group outings. During the main travel season a concessionaire provides horseback rides and tours. The Park also has a resident ranger.

Kodachrome Basin State Park is a favorite spot for those who have experienced this unique destination before.