Entertainment in Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Canyon Country offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment. From summer rodeos to winter festivals, there’s always something fun happening in Bryce Canyon Country. Triple C Arena/Canyon Country Complex: The Triple C Arena/Canyon Country Complex is Bryce Canyon Country’s premier

Bryce Canyon South End

Bryce Canyon National Park’s 18-mile scenic drive winds north-south through the park, ascending more than 1,000 feet to its highest elevation of 9,115 feet at Rainbow Point. While many visitors concentrate their time on the rim of Bryce Amphitheater, viewpoints offering expansive vistas far beyond

Anasazi Museum State Park

The Anasazi State Park Museum offers another opportunity to get up close and personal with Utah’s natural and human history.

Anasazi Indian State Park

A museum houses most of the artifacts that have been found in this former Anasazi Indian village, which was occupied between 1050 and 1200 A.D. and is believed to be the

Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum

The Bryce Wildlife Adventure Museum gives visitors a chance to truly experience wildlife and natural history. Located just northwest of Bryce Canyon National Park, the museum features more than 800 mounted animals from around the world exhibited in replicas of their natural habitats, as well as a

Native Americans – Bryce Canyon Region

According to scientists the earliest traces of humans in the Bryce Canyon area dates back 10,000-12,000 years when Paleo-Indians hunted along the Colorado Plateau. Artifacts from Ancestral Puebloans, the Fremont People, and Anasazi Basketmakers (dating back between 200 and 700 A.D.) have also been

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Art – Painting – Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Canyon Country’s scenic beauty and pioneer heritage is often reflected in the works of its resident and visiting artists. The rugged, vibrant region offers a visual feast of complex texture and stunning color, from Bryce Canyon’s wind-eroded hoodoos to the vermillion, pink, and gray layered

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Elevations in Bryce Canyon Country

Bryce Canyon Country ranges in elevation from around 4,500 feet to 11,000 feet. This high-altitude region offers a scenic escape from southern Utah’s scorching heat with pleasant, dry summers, and a gorgeous snow-capped playground in winter.

Bryce Canyon Utah Elevation

Bryce Canyon Country’s communities sit at fairly high

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Scenic Backroads – Pine Creek – Hell’s Backbone

The combination of Highway 12, Pine Creek Road, and Hell’s Backbone Road create a scenic loop that includes multiple landscapes and points of interest along one driving route, and provides an easy way to see various landmarks in a single day trip. The loop, which partially traverses areas of the

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